Small business – Benefits for the local community

Small business – Benefits for the local community

One of the nice aspects of having a small online business which focuses on sustainability by selling upcycled coins is spending money on the local community.

During lockdown in Ireland I noticed an increase in rubbish in our area. Thinking about it, it would be fair to say that people did not want to pick up rubbish in case of catching C19, so thinking about a solution, what if lots of people had access to free pickers. That way, when they are going for a stroll/walk etc, they could bring a picker and if they see a plastic bottle along be able to bag it or place it in the bin. With that in mind we purchased 100+ litter pickers and gave them to our local tidy towns committee. Even if 20 of them are used by people once a month, it still makes a difference.


Below is the post from FB from DTT – Dalkey Tiny Towns.

Today DTT were presented with two big boxes of LITTER PICKERS – over 100 in total. ‘Very much appreciated to help our ongoing Volunteer’s weekly battle against litter.
Brian’s local upcycling business creates great gifts using old Irish coins. The coins are made into Cufflinks and Necklaces using a year of your choice. US Presidents Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama all have these Dalkey made gifts – available at Thank you Brian.


So not only are you supporting a local business by buying our products, you are helping us invest money in our neighbourhood.


Thank you.


Birthday Cufflinks Team.