1933 Irish Threepence Pendant – 1933 Birthday Gift


Perfect 89th Birthday Gift. 1933 Irish Threepence coin. This pendant is made from genuine old Irish Threepence coins. The coin features the Celtic Harp, the national emblem of Ireland which symbolises the history, culture and heritage of the Emerald Isle. This pendant was made by hand not machine, the coin has been cleaned and hand polished to bring it back to its former glory. The coin is then mounted into the pendant and comes in a beautiful presentation box with a snake chain included. You are covered with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Cavan won the All Ireland Senior Football Championship
Kilkenny won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship


Ann Richards (Politician)/Bobby Robson (Footballer/Manager)
Charles Osgood (Author)/Fay Weldon (Author)
Joan Collins (Actress)/Joan River (Comedian)
Michael Caine (Actor)/Michael Heseltine (UK Politician)
Quincy Jones (Musician)/Roman Polanski (Director)
Yoko One (Wife of John Lennon)/Oliver Sacks (UK Neurologist)


X-ray tube
Metal beverages can
Famous Irish movies included
The Life of Jimmy Dolan
Peg O’ My Heart


Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany
Adolf Hitler bans all other political parties turning Germany into a One Party State
The Reichstag passes the Enabling Act, making Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany. and the Gestapo is established
Ferdinand Porsche begins work on The People’s Car ( Volkswagen Beetle )
Germany Quits the League of Nations causing concern over German Intentions towards France and other European Countries.
US Wiley Post becomes the first man to fly solo around the world
In the US The Emergency Banking Act is passed to save the run on small banks causing them to go into bankruptcy
Alcatraz becomes a federal penitentiary.
British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returns from Germany and announced to the world “Peace In Our Time”
Civil War In Cuba forcing American businesses to close up shop.
The machine gun is demonstrated by Japanese Scientist firing 1,000 shot per minute
Repeal of prohibition in United States allowing 3.2% beer and wine sales
Unemployment in Britain reaches 2.7 million nearly 25% of the workforce