2021 – Big birthdays and Cufflinks

2021 – Big birthdays and Cufflinks

Happy New Year.

So yeah, strange kick off to the new year, early January and level 5 in Ireland. Good news, we are still open, we only have one person working in our studio at a time and most of our stock is made ahead of time as we know certain years will be more popular.

Speaking of years, here are a range of our products for friends and family celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Here are the links for the specific occasions for 2021

90th Birthday – 1931

1931 Irish Shilling Cufflinks – 90th Birthday

80th Birthday – 1941 Cufflinks

75th Birthday – 1946 Cufflinks

70th Birthday – 1951 Cufflinks

60th Birthday – 1961 Cufflinks


50th Birthday – 1971 Cufflinks

40th Birthday – 1981 Cufflinks


Within each listing click on the description for a full list of facts on the year, who was born, music, movies of the year.


Enjoy and thank you for stopping by, have a fantastic 2021.


The Birthday Cufflinks team.